The ELIE SAAB Maison collection is entirely manufactured in Italy,produced and distributed by Corporate Brand Maison.A collection that perfectly blends together all essential elements of the project; the uniqueness of the ELIE SAAB Brand signature, the research in design, and the artisan excellence of Made in Italy. The identity of the collection can be summed up as Spectacular Elegance, harmously linking together its distinctiveness, its shapes contemporary spirit, its tradition and attention to detail.

the design

Carlo Colombo, a remarkable Italian architect and designer, has translated the vision of Mr. Saab into the first furniture collection. A collection that has been designed to convey the strength of the artistry it embodies, the attention to detail,the richness of the materials in pure ELIE SAAB Style.


The collection can be defined as Total Look, touching every corner of your home, from the living to the dining room, from the bedroom to the lighting of spaces and accessories. Coherent and inextricably linked to the Brand's DNA, implying historical moments close to the sources of inspiration dear to the designer, from the scents of the Middle East to the Art Déco touch from his home in Paris, and his flair for the 1960s and 70s, an extraordinary track for design and architecture, enriched through years of timeless and eternal icons.


One of the world's leading names in Haute Couture and a red carpet favourite, Elie Saab takes inspiration from both Paris and Beirut, where his ateliers of craftsmen are based. He first launched his eponymous label with his Haute Couture line in 1982 in beirut at the age of 18 expanding soon after into ready-to-wear and accessories, with each collection displaying the innate elegance and femininity forwhich he is renowned.Today, ELIE SAAB is a lifestyle brand, accompanying woman in every moment in her life, with a presence of flagships and points of sale spread globally and a wide range of product lines to cater to the many enthusiasts of ELIE SAAB aesthetics.