Sofas - new


A modular sofa that can be composed to taste, with extraordinary simplicity, emphasized by the metal element that surrounds it, delicately outlining its volumes.


A sofa whose shape, extremely original, is a tribute to the modernism of a century ago, reimagined in a contemporary key.


The most iconic piece of the living room: a contemporary and revolutionary construction emphasized by the innovative design of the armrest.


Faithfully interpreting the stylistic elements that characterize the Middle Eastern palaces, the sofa is characterized by a system of soft and embracing seats in combination with the sculptural armrest.


Taking its name from one of the oldest cities in the world, Byblos, located near Beirut, the birthplace of Elie Saab, the sofa is defined by the abundance of volumes and harmonious proportions immediately transporting us to the exclusive world and culture of ELIE SAAB.


With the impressive beauty of its refined manufacturing, the Monolith sofa adds a touch of Art Déco to every living environment.


Characterized by a rigorous and rational design, an elegant and unprecedented status symbol. The suspended structure, rich in contemporary, has its main feature in the dotted line with leather profile.


Rich and powerful, Elite is a timeless classic able to distinguish itself through exclusive details and exquisite craftsmanship of its futuristic lines.