2022 PEARL

A delicate metal structure and pearl shaped Murano hand-made glass
elements make for this magnificent chandelier.


Sapphire Chandelier, a candelabra-jewel that floats in space with its
regal gems, created in handmade Murano glass.

2022 TIARA

With its dimmable light, the tiara floor and table lamp plays with infinite
shades of natural light, reproducing the brilliance of the midday sun or
the warm caress of the sunset hues.


The chandelier carries proudly its name, creating an unique light
spectacle through its diamond like shapes adding a refined
contemporary glamour to any indoor setting.


Inspired by the shapes and forms of nature, the Narcisse chandelier
creates a poetic and delicate balance to any environment.


Inspired by the magical light effect of the atmospheric optical
phenomenon, Light Pillar is timeless yet contemporary.